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Leverage our expertise in the IT standards, protocols, technologies, and architectures prescribed by leading groups and organisations in health and social care and other industries.

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Need help implementing your software? Let us lead the effort or extend your existing team, ensuring that your systems and applications are implemented with future-proofing and best practices in mind.

Managed Services

Keep your IT operations running smoothly. Our experts deliver best-in-class secure cloud hosting, along with related managed services and multi-tier technical support, to ensure your environments are available 24x7x365.

About Ready Computing

Committed to improving health and social care across the globe.

We’re dedicated to helping organisations get plugged in and stay connected through efficient, reliable, and secure information exchange. We not only integrate systems but also people, and we ensure that well-curated, enriched data is available from which insights are gathered and action is taken. Add the robustness of an expertly managed services team, coupled with the immense functionality offered by Channels360® and Wellbase®, and your IT infrastructure will come to life.

Ready Computing serves government clients at the federal, state, and local levels, such as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the UK National Health Service, and the Georgia Health Information Network. We partner with the largest data management corporations in the world, including InterSystems, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Red Hat, and MongoDB.


Channels360 is a health and social care platform that connects individuals with healthcare providers, social workers, and community organisations for better health outcomes and long-term support. Channels360 enables whole person care and true closed loop SDoH referrals to improve health equity in your communities.

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Wellbase is an extensible infrastructure solution in which mission-critical systems, applications, and databases are continuously monitored to identify anomalies proactively before they become critical. Once identified, technical support teams respond to the identified anomalies in a coordinated and optimised manner.

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