Channels360 - the complete Care Coordination Platform and Shared Care Record

Channels360 turns integrated care strategy into health and wellbeing reality. Designed from the outset for this purpose, Channels360 closes the digital divide between partner organisations, professionals and colleagues and the citizens in your care. Channels360 will help you to design and implement care pathways, capture information at the point of care, engage and involve citizens, measure and deliver at place, neighbourhood and system level. Unlock system-wide benefits in health and wellbeing with this powerful and engaging platform.   

This modern, secure cloud solution brings together data from almost any source, including EPR, PAS, results, scheduling, primary care, Local Authorities and more. Interact with citizens in real time, measure experience and outcomes, see the flow of care across your system, bring together your ICS and the partners within it.

What Is Channels360?

A Shared Care Record and Care Coordination Platform

Bring together data from across your ICS and involve the partners within it. See available information from health, social, educational, financial, operational and other sources. Enrol citizens on pathways or programs to match your local and system needs. Securely involve people in their own care, opening up engagement with services within and outside traditional settings.

A Care Pathways and Workflow Platform

Create powerful pathways and programmes of care and support in a simple and easy to use ‘drag and drop’ visual tool. Bring together information and data from almost any source and use it to inform, support, alert and monitor. Visualise the flow of care and support for the individual through settings and organisations including smart tools to alert and inform colleagues, partners and the person. Trigger tasks, reviews, actions and more based on criteria you choose. Automate routine tasks.

A Workload and Staffing Platform

Assign colleagues and partners to pathways and programmes, giving an integrated overview of availability, capacity and workload in specific and system-wide situations. Colleagues work with information drawn from the widest range of sources, made available securely and appropriately to the role and context. Managers define work patterns, workflows, schedules and worklists and much more. Individuals can interact with Channels360 to better engage with services, understand when appointments are set and communicate with healthcare professionals.

A Risk Management Platform

Identify at-risk individuals and remove the barriers between the person and timely, targeted care and support. Channels360 includes powerful tools to identify and manage risks whether they are medical, social or a combination of both. Social determinants of health (SDoH) mean that individuals often need support from a range of services and professionals. Channels360 will help you to identify people’s needs ahead of time, and to make corrections if things go wrong.

Integrated Care and a Shared Care Record - How Does Channels360 Work?

Channels360 works by bringing together data from the widest possible range of sources in health, social, educational and other settings; a Shared Care and Social Record. This information is then presented on a clear, flexible and secure platform to colleagues and citizens, who can view and add to the record in tailored workflows, forms and other interactions that you design. 

Channels360 is designed to support the continued use of existing systems of choice by extending the value of the information within them, and to close the gaps where those existing systems are absent or failing. “Keep what works, replace what doesn’t.” Designed for all stages of digital maturity, Channels360 will integrate data from systems across partner organisations and the wider ICS, including even legacy and non-standard data. 

Our integration and interoperability experts will help you to gain the maximum benefit from the data held in prior technology investments whilst unlocking new capabilities and minimising the impact of business change.

Key Features: What Does Channels360 Enable?

Channels360 is a Care Coordination Platform and Shared Care Record. It’s been built to support collaborative, secure and effective working from local settings through to regional systems.

  • Integrated working across the ICS at place, neighbourhood and system level
  • A Shared Care Record, ranging from local collaborations through to entire regions
  • Information shared clearly and securely, context appropriately, in a single platform regardless of the source
  • Secure in-app, SMS, email and other messaging for organisations, colleagues and citizens
  • Patient engagement, experience and outcomes management 
  • Automation including alerts, flags and notifications
  • Real time (clinical) events stream
  • Governance of clinical, social and other protocols
  • Working with existing systems and software
  • An EPR companion (whether single vendor or multiple best of breed) 
  • Secure and powerful data integration (SMART on FHIR)

Who Is Channels360 For?

ICS and partner organisations looking to engage with and deliver for people in their care, ensuring that timely and targeted support is provided in a safe and coordinated way. 

  • ICS/ICBs
  • Commissioners
  • Hospitals
  • General Practice
  • Community Health
  • Mental Health
  • Local Authorities (including LEAs)
  • Social Services
  • Private and Independent Health Providers
  • 3rd sector

Channels360: The Care Coordination Platform and Shared Care Record

Work together securely, across settings and systems

- Create workflows and pathways that span settings, specialties and locations

- Communicate and engage securely using direct messaging and automation

- Automate tasks, communications, alerts, notifications and more

- Reduce or eliminate paper-based processes and administration

Proactively identify and engage with at-risk people

- Pull in data from almost any source, and display it where needed and in context

- Identify and engage individuals and cohorts using real-time triggers or planned protocols

- Support consistent care using structured workflows, protocols, alerts and information

- Improve health outcomes, service quality and patient satisfaction

Actively manage locally and at system level using dashboards and reporting

- Establish performance goals and success criteria, then track performance against them

- Track staffing in real-time and efficiently address potential issues

- Identify opportunities for improvement, enact the change quickly and efficiently

- Pull data from the systems on the front line, and turn it into actionable information



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