Find help for those you care for

Channels360 is a health and social care platform that connects healthcare providers, health plans, social care workers, and community organisations with individuals for better health outcomes and long-term support. Optimise the care you provide and improve health equity in your communities.

The Right Help at the Right Time

Assess the unique needs of every individual

Assess individuals to determine how best to help using social determinants of health and key clinical indicators. Track the critical factors contributing to an individual’s health, including housing, finances, environment, and access to quality healthcare.

Match the individual’s unique needs to the right community services

Match providers to the individual based on services provided, specialisation, rating, and location.

Close the loop upon service completion

Increase patient safety, improve health outcomes, and inform caretakers of the individual’s status through real-time alerts and notes.


Connect people with needed services

Who is Channels360 for?

Channels360 is for organisations that want to improve care outcomes, manage risk, and control costs by finding help for individuals in need of health and social care services. Such organisations typically include health information exchanges (HIEs), hospitals and health systems, providers, health plans, self-insured administrators, accountable care organisations (ACOs), federal qualified health centres (FQHCs), social care networks (SCNs), community-based organisations (CBOs), health coaches, wellness educators, and community hub services, amongst others.

Who uses Channels360?

Our clients are public sector and private sector organisations that serve communities through specialised care programs, assessments, monitoring of social determinants, and much more.

Channels360 Frequently Asked Questions:

I work at a health plan. How does Channels360 help me?

Connecting members with non-clinical services that remove barriers to care results in better individual and population level-outcomes. Integrating with Providers and CBOs is key to driving success.

Channels360 helps you by:


  • Serving as a single integration point with multiple CBO networks and free-standing CBOs
  • Consolidating multiple CBO network directories into a single, unified, and searchable resource directory
  • Enabling partnerships with CBOs and Providers to help close gaps in care and improve HEDIS and Quality scores
  • Collecting and aggregating assessment data from multiple instruments like ACH HRSA and PRAPARE as well as custom assessments.
  • Integrating with HIEs to create longitudinal records combining clinical and SDoH data
  • Supporting advanced analytics for population health reporting and management
I’m a clinician. How can Channels360 help achieve better outcomes?

Providers can assess and refer patients to non-clinical services to improve outcomes and reduce risk. Channels360 is the only product on the market that has the ability to combine clinical data with SDoH data for a true whole-person record.

Channels360 helps you by:

  • Empowering clinical staff with tools to assess and refer a patient to an open directory of community resources from within the EMR
  • Facilitating the collection and aggregation of assessment data from multiple instruments like ACH HRSA and PRAPARE, as well as the ability to create custom assessments
  • Supporting multiple data integrations options like HL7, Smart on FHIR, or direct web access
  • Integrating with Master Patient Indexes for identity management and maintaining full compliance with HIPAA privacy, consent, and security
  • Allowing for secure messaging with CBO and community resources

Reducing hospitalisation and utilisation costs by addressing SDoH and environmental factors

I'm a Community Based Organization or a Social Care Network. How can Channels360 help me work with Providers and Healthplans?

Community Based Organisations and Social Care Networks are the foundation of a non-clinical network to help individuals remove barriers to care. CBOs need tools and support to integrate with a complex healthcare ecosystem.

Channels360 helps you by:


    • Providing pathways to receive and manage referrals from payers, providers, and other CBOs
    • Supporting low-tech and high-tech CBOs with varying levels of integration
    • Coordinating workflows with payers, providers, and patients
    • Enabling CBOs to manage their own directory entries and staff workload
    • Creating additional opportunities to work with Payers and Providers to close gaps in care and complete required assessments
    • Capturing key elements to support billing and reconciliation
I work at a Health Information Exchange. How does Channels360 help me?

Health Information Exchanges are a key aggregation and distribution point for clinical and non-clinical data. 

Channels360 helps HIEs by:


  • Delivering expert data integrations from any source using standard and non-standard formats
  • Harmonizing patient identity through Master Patient Indexes, both internal and external to the Channels360 framework
  • Supporting the collection of required assessments and surveys through data integration and our innovative assessment builder and capture tool
  • Creating advanced integrations with Healthplans, Hospitals, Providers Social Care Networks, and State level resources
I’m not in health or social care. Can I still use Channels360?

Even if you are not in the health and social care sector, the Channels360 framework is extensible and can be adopted by a broad spectrum of industries. As our platform is versatile and adaptable, we can extend its advantages to various fields such as supply chain and logistics, technology, and beyond.