Our Services

Ready Computing offers consultation, implementation,
and managed services for clients across the globe.




Consulting Services

Strategise to make new IT investments while leveraging your existing IT assets

We recognise the challenges you face when defining new IT strategies. As a services team with expertise in software delivery and operation, we’ll ensure you’ll get the most out of your new IT investments while leveraging all the past investments you’ve made. We apply our expertise in the standards, protocols, technologies, and architectures prescribed by leading groups and organisations across several industries, and ensure your investments are future-proofed as your business evolves.

Implementation Services

Get the most out of your cloud and software with the guidance of a world-class project delivery team.

You have unique needs that your software must accommodate. Our team will help you design, develop, configure, validate, and deploy a tailored solution that meets your business requirements. Common implementation tasks include solution design, database design, systems integration, service and API definition, validation, and deployment.

Managed Services

Get best-in-class secure cloud hosting, IT managed services, and technical support for your systems, applications, and databases.

Our managed services team makes sure your cloud and software operate optimally 24x7x365. We work with every major cloud provider out there, as well as several boutique providers, and have proven results in operating mission-critical solutions in many industries across the globe, both in the private and public sectors.


Health and Social Care

For well over a decade, we have specialised in building, implementing, and operating “connected care” solutions that serve health and social care within the private and public sectors.

Financial Services

We help financial services organisations specialised in banking, investment, securities trading, asset management, tax and accounting, and more to optimise their back office and front office systems.


We serve health plans, life insurance carriers, and other insurers to get the most out of their data platforms while integrating with key partner organisations.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Whether it’s inventory management, supplier management, risk management, compliance, order fulfillment, or customer satisfaction, we provide IT solutions and services that can make a difference.