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At the heart of Healthcare CoPilot’s mission is LEO, our groundbreaking Hyper-Automation Software as a Medical Device. Distinct from conventional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, LEO is designed to fundamentally transform cancer service delivery within the NHS. By relieving clinicians of manual burdens, LEO helps enhance clinic capacities and surpasses the 28-day Faster Diagnosis Standard (FDS) expectations, which can lead to reduced reliance on weekend operations.

What does Healthcare CoPilot do?

Healthcare CoPilot is redefining healthcare through the power of AI and automation, with LEO leading the charge in cancer service innovation. Unlike traditional RPA solutions, LEO focuses on elevating the efficiency of clinicians themselves, not just automating administrative tasks. This approach enables direct impact on critical challenges such as diagnostic delays, misrouted referrals, and undue wait times, addressing key factors behind the breaches of the 28-day FDS. Our commitment is to make healthcare delivery more efficient, effective, and patient-centric.

What Industries does Healthcare CoPilot serve?

Healthcare CoPilot is dedicated to the NHS, aiming to revolutionise cancer service delivery through LEO. We provide solutions that are specifically designed to improve outcomes in cancer care, making significant strides in:

  • NHS Hospitals and Cancer Care Centres
  • Key highlights: Enhanced clinic capacities, exceeded 28-day FDS expectations, reduced weekend operations dependency.

How do Healthcare CoPilot and Ready Computing work together?

Our partnership with Ready Computing is pivotal in our mission to transform NHS cancer services. Ready Computing’s robust IT infrastructure and healthcare integration expertise, combined with our AI-driven LEO, create a powerful synergy. This collaboration is instrumental in deploying LEO effectively within the NHS, ensuring that cancer care delivery is not only more efficient but also more responsive to patient needs. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for care delivery standards, particularly in meeting and exceeding the 28-day FDS.

Healthcare CoPilot FAQ

What makes LEO different from other RPA tools?

LEO is specifically designed to alleviate clinicians’ manual burdens, with a focus on transforming cancer service delivery within the NHS.

How does LEO contribute to cancer care?

By reducing diagnostic delays, misrouted referrals, and undue wait times, LEO addresses critical challenges in cancer care delivery.

Who can benefit from Healthcare CoPilot's solutions

NHS hospitals, cancer care centres, and clinical research institutions focusing on oncology.

How to contact Healthcare CoPilot for more information?

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