Idonia is a cloud service that guarantees secure access, communication, and portability of medical records and images between medical professionals and their patients. Idonia specialises in generating innovative digital experiences in the world of health.

What does Idonia do?

Idonia creates a bridge between medical centres, professionals, and patients by simplifying access to medical documents and image tests. Idonia simplifies the exchange of images and reports between hospitals, radiology centres, physicians and patients. Idonia is a cloud-based SaaS facilitating secure access, sharing, store processing, and management of medical images. Big Data of imaging metadata is provided to facilitate analytics and research.

What Industries does Idonia serve?

Idonia iCD+ is the solution that allows the delivery of medical images to patients: affordable, easy to use, and works for non-digital patients (100% CD replacement).

Heath Services
Idonia Corporate is the service that allows delivery of medical images integrated into Corporate Patient Portal: powerful HTML5 zero foot print image viewer that’s cloud based and easy to integrate (APIs).

Insurance Companies
Idonia Middleware is the engine that collects images performed in spread radiology centres unifying in one single view embedded into insurance portal.

Global Medical Companies
Idonia Drive is the functionality that allows to exchange and triage medical images and documents between medical centres and patients. Experience a patient-oriented tool with easy bidirectional connectivity with hospitals systems.

Idonia Data Lake combines metadata from medical images plus sociodemographic information for patient profiling and medical device monitoring.

How do Idonia and Ready Computing work together?

Ready Computing is reselling Idonia and implementing services around Idonia for medical imaging interoperability. Ready Computing is providing the required expertise wherever Idonia technology needs to be implemented according to client needs.

Idonia FAQ

Why invest in Idonia solutions?

Idonia’s offer is made up of various products that respond to new technological challenges. Thanks to the medical platforms and innovation in telemedicine that Idonia offers, you will benefit from an efficient service, simplifying times and improving communication between health professionals and patients.

Why trust in Idonia?

The Idonia team has as a priority to offer a quality and safe service. That is why Idonia strictly follows all the current regulations, guaranteeing the availability, integrity and resistance of your data.

What security guarantees does Idonia offer?

Idonia provides a service based on Google Cloud Platform that has the maximum international certification (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC2 / 3) adapted to the requirements of the GDPR and HIPAA.

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