Olivia Reyes 

Director of Human Resources

Olivia has been entrusted with the leadership of the human resources department at Ready Computing since 2019, where she presides over a range of responsibilities, including managing company culture, payroll, benefits, employee training, immigration, and more. Before her employment at Ready Computing in 2013, Olivia’s professional experience involved owning and operating her small business for roughly a decade. During this tenure, Olivia successfully designed, created, and produced artisanal chocolate products inspired by Chilean and other South American traditions, later sold through major retailers such as Whole Foods Market. Olivia has standardized key operational practices within Ready Computing, leveraging the skills she acquired as a business owner, thus making significant contributions to the organization’s success.


Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper/HR Specialist, Ready Computing (2013–2018)

Owner and Executive Chocolatier, OliFlor Chocolates (2009–2011)

Executive Assistant, InterSystems Chile (2008–2009)

Owner and Executive Chocolatier, San Rafael Chocolates (2003–2009)


Instituto Professional INACAP