Interoperability Expertise

Ready Computing has been at the forefront of defining, developing, and validating the framework and standards that drive health information interoperability.

What Is Interoperability?

Interoperability is the ability of systems to exchange and integrate data across servers, software, and devices for seamless communication of critical information.

Standards Development

Within the healthcare domain, we are key members of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (“IHE”) through our ongoing collaboration with board members at IHE International. In addition, we have contributed significantly to the IT Infrastructure (“ITI”) and Patient Care Coordination (“PCC”) committees. Other notable information includes our involvement as a Gold Organizational Member of HL7, a member of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (“SHIEC”) Partner Program, and a contributor to other leading healthcare organizations such as The Sequoia Project and CommonWell Health Alliance.

Our team members are among the world’s experts on MU, TEFCA, IHE, HL7v2, HL7v3, CDA, and DICOM. We are excited to bring this expertise to your projects. In Ready Computing, you will find an innovative partner who takes standards seriously and knows how to apply those standards to real-world use cases where custom needs are required.

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