Making Integrated Healthcare a Reality

Our goal is to improve healthcare for the people receiving it, and the people providing it. We work for citizens, healthcare professionals, leaders and volunteers who come together to improve care and outcomes. We provide the tools and support to successfully integrate information and ways of working for everyone’s benefit.

Supporting Professionals

The National Health Service is truly amazing, and Ready’s role as experts in bringing together healthcare data is to partner with you to maximise the patient, staff and economic benefit of your investments in digital. Ready will work with you to minimise the impact of business change; enabling better outcomes at place, neighbourhood and system level.

Key areas of our work:

  • Coordinated Care
  • Shared Care Records
  • Care pathways and workflows
  • Systems integrations, including Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Point of care and specialty systems
  • Scheduling, staff management, resource planning
  • Electronic Patient Record systems integration
  • Population Health Management

Key areas that Ready Computing aids providers with are:

  • Coordinated Care
  • EMR and EHR Integration
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Population Health Management

Supporting Citizens and Patients

Individuals are increasingly becoming active participants in their health and wellbeing, and this participation is fast becoming an integral part of health and care. People are taking proactive and reactive measures to manage health conditions and stay healthy. Advancements in IT help patients and professionals to communicate more effectively than ever before, and people have access to a wide range of personal devices to help them keep fit and healthy.

Ready Computing helps people by supporting active participation in health and wellbeing, opening up the possibility for better communication and engagement than ever before.

Some of the benefits for patients:

  • Booking appointments
  • Personal health records 
  • Secure messaging with healthcare professionals
  • Monitoring health at home
  • Linking personal devices and smart devices
  • Information and signposting 
  • Controlling consent and privacy

Medical Devices

Ready Computing has a team of experienced developers who work with Medical Device vendors to integrate their devices in healthcare systems. Our quality-led approach maintains complete control of project documentation and policies using a system that is compliant with local regulations to provide traceability, cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and trust.

Standards, Education, and Meaningful Use

We consider ourselves true “standards-geeks.” As proud members of various standards-based organisations, we help to create the standards we implement. Not only are we well-versed in standards, but we are masters of our own craft; helping our clients to navigate ever-changing industry standards. This approach instils a deep sense of confidence within our clients and helps to ensure that the software they’ve developed or implemented will not only work but will also be compliant with industry recommendations and best practices.

Key areas of work:

  • DirectTrust
  • Classroom or Web-based Training
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • Meaningful Use

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